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About project

The app that helps you keep your home clean and organized. Split your household chores with your family and turn your cleaning routine into a game.


The biggest challenge for this project was to figure out the right algorithm for the task scheduling. It depends on a lot of factors if the task needs to be scheduled: task frequency, its current state, effort points, last cleanup date etc. To make the schedule algorithm efficient we used a Java AI-based solver: OptaPlanner. It’s helping us generate an optimized schedule for all of our users.

The stack we used

We used Ruby to make the backend. The scheduling algorithm was made in Java. The front-end of the app is made in React Native using Redux state manager. We also have native widgets for each platform, that were written in Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android.


About project

The application that allows you to know and compare the price of each gas station in France, Italy and Spain.


To make this app more useful for more people we need more data about gas station locations and prices. Right now we use government open APIs for countries we support. We are also working on adding Portugal and Germany. For other European countries, we are thinking to add a community-based system.

The stack we used

The app is entirely coded in React Native. We use free API state resources to get a gas station location and its prices. The library that we used to display maps and elements on it is react-native-maps.

Apps Review

Users love our work
Sweepy has a great interface, and is very flush and well designed. I think that it couldn’t be any easier to use.
Martin Goutry
Sweepy user, 2021.11.05
Sweepy is terrifically designed both in its complex programming and simplicity of presentation.
Ann Grey
Sweepy user, 2021.12.06
Precise and very practical permanent update...great application needed nowadays.
Alex Smith
Gaspal user, 2021.03.02

Our Process



We find inspiration for the apps in our personal needs. When we have the idea, we do concurrence research. The main questions we are asking ourselves before starting working on a new project are: if there is a market behind the product idea; if people are ready to pay for this product; can we bring the additional value to the products that already exist. If we answer with yes to all these questions we start designing our new project.



Our main goal is to make boring everyday tasks more fun. In order to do it, we create playful and colorful interfaces for our apps. The design is the most powerful tool to motivate users to act. We always keep it in mind and create elements of encouragement in all our apps: mascots, streak counts, and strong communication through the color palette.



Our current preferred stack is React/React Native, backed by Ruby or Node.js. Some elements of our apps are written in platform-native languages such as Swift, Objective C, Java and Kotlin. Our code is always written to the latest standards of the industry, assuring good quality and readability. We use appropriate technologies to assure our code is tested and uniform.



It all starts with the App Store Optimization. Services that we use in order to define our keywords are AppFigures and SensorTower. We are constantly A/B testing our screenshots, titles, and descriptions to be the first for our main keywords. We are also constantly running Facebook ads to bring more customers to our apps.

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